24 thoughts on “Shampoo Regimen | Natural Hair Care for Children Series”

  1. Today Michelle and Evie joined me to do a one on one hair care lesson. I
    thought if this helped her is might help others. I hope you all enjoy this
    tutorial and please share with any parent you feel might like it too! Make
    sure you come back Thursday for video 2 where I will be showing an easy
    style and trim!


  2. I love this! It’s such a blessing for this family to love and welcome this
    child into their home. You can clearly see the love and care this mother
    has showered on her daughter! I can only imagine how the mom felt to be
    unsure of how to care for such a basic need. Bless you for taking the time
    to educate her on haircare for tightly coiled hair!

  3. Thursday! I need part 2 right now though! Lol great video for any mother
    taking care of natural hair. ..especially me. :-)

  4. Evie’s hair looks so cute at the beginning.. she was doing a good job
    already and I’m sure with your direction they will both be less overwhelmed
    and have more options than just her afro texture. LOVE THIS!

  5. I commend the mom for wanting to learn how to maintain her daughter’s
    natural hair on her own. When you have a child of a different culture its
    important to maintain that culture for the child.

  6. When in doubt, Fro it out! Her hair looked good in the fro too. I love that
    she wanted to learn more about her daughters hair. What an awesome, loving

  7. MA you are such a sweetheart for helping this mother out, I’m sure this was
    probably painful for her as well as her baby in doing her hair texture. I’m
    sure when she left your home she left with the knowledge and comfort that
    caring for her babies hair can now be much easier for her. Your such a
    blessing to so many.

  8. You are doing awesome! You are only one person. Quality and thoughtfulness
    is better than quantity. Go on Girl!

  9. What a beautiful video. It really put a smile on my face to see how this
    mom loves and cares for her daughter. Can’t wait to see the next video.
    Evie is too cute.

  10. Such a cute little girl and it’s wonderful that her mum is so interested in
    learning how to care for her hair.

  11. I think people assume it’s only white mothers of black adopted babies or
    mixed race babies that need educating in how to care for they’re child’s
    hair, but a lot of us mixed race and black mums need re educating. Mostly
    because our mums were given bad information on how to care for our hair.
    And generations of women have continued doing things to our hair that were
    unhealthy. Don’t get me wrong there are some great traditions passed down.
    But for example greasing the scalp was considered a good thing but now
    we’re told it clogs the pores and slows down hair growth. So I think we
    could all re learn good healthy techniques to care for our hair. xx 

  12. Great video !!!! That poor woman was prob overwhelmed like the rest of us
    Moms with daughters with natural hair!!! Can’t wait to see vid #2!!

  13. I love how you cover Mom-stuff on your channel. I wished for a little girl
    but I was blessed with 2 boys. I love the support you provided in a
    mom-to-mom way. MA you are an awesome lady.

  14. Little Evie is just so adorable. It’s great that she sat still and allowed
    you to do her hair. My hair in it’s natural state is very thick and I
    remember not liking getting my hair combed when I was younger.

  15. black hair care is a struggle and I’M A BLACK WOMAN with natural hair!!
    kudos to this mama for reaching out for help and to you for giving it to
    her. awesome.

  16. This was so cute to watch, Im also adopted by white people my mom was
    taught how to do my hair but was so busy with work she hardly did it. I
    look at pictures of myself when I was a child and laugh so hard because my
    hair was so bad lol

  17. This is great video, I can even learn from this video after two years of
    being natural and still have challenges. I think this could be a calling
    for you to help educate mothers of different races that adopt black
    children and also black mothers who want to learn more about how to care
    for their children`s natural hair. Please continue this series and I hope
    you can develop something successful from this. All the best

  18. I commend this woman because she is very unfamiliar with afro textured
    natural hair but she is taking the initiative to learn. KUDOS! I am so sick
    and tired of seeing white women that have biracial children that are half
    black and they don’t know how to do their children’s hair. Then mom sends
    these kids off to school looking crazy and all the kids make fun of them.
    Hey white women…. If you are going to sleep with black men and have
    biracial children take the initiative and learn how to do their hair so
    that they don’t go to school and get teased. So that as they grow up you
    can teach them how to take care of their hair and they can carry what they
    have learned from you with them into adulthood. I went to school with this
    biracial girl, mom was white dad was black, she was a very smart and pretty
    girl but her hair always looked like a birds nest just a dry and ravaged
    bird’s nest. Kids would make fun of her and send her home crying everyday.
    Learn to do their hair!

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