25 thoughts on “Natural Resources Salon on Natural Curly Hair Care”

  1. OMG! Can we get a tutorial on the style the stylist is wearing? That is a
    beautiful edgy yet sophisticated hairstyle. It’s perfect for the office.

  2. Thank you for sharing. This video is informative and will share with other
    naturals. I really like your technique! 

  3. I would love for you to do my hair but I live all away in Florida in Fort
    Lauderdale I’m about to become have natural hair but its hard find someone
    that use good product and to do natural hair I’m going crazy I don’t know
    what to do I wish I can meet you

  4. I do this on my lilter sister hair . her hair is now 12 in long. It was 10
    she has all natural hair NO PERMS

  5. love it, does blow drying damage the cuticle layer? Have you put hair under
    a microscope after blow drying for proof?

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