25 thoughts on “My Healthy Natural Hair Growth and Care Tips | Length Retention”

  1. Great tips & Video. One tip that will really help with length retention and
    preventing hygral fatigue is pre-pooing with castor oil. I am doing a Hot
    Castor Oil Hair Growth Challenge on my channel. I was able to retain 4
    inches of growth last year with the recipe. Basically, it is a hot oil
    treatment each week before you shampoo. Also, I dust my hair every 3-4
    months about 1/8 to 1/4 inch. This keeps the ends from getting split,
    tangled, and thinned out. 

  2. I think I just experienced my first hairgasm!(blush). Very very good advice
    and cool special fx. Big thumbs up on your hair progress.

  3. Tiajonay, my daughter’s hair keeps breaking and not growing. what are the
    right products, and steps as in how to help it grow?

  4. Great video!! I have long hair that I double twist in cornrow style and
    wear up under wigs all the time. Maybe twice a year I will wear my natural
    hair just stretched for some people dying to see my natural at work. The
    key to growing really long hair is LOW MANIPULATION!!! I can’t stress that
    enough to my daughter who constantly is awed by my hair. I double twist it
    and leave it 2 weeks and then I wash and condition it by sections. I have
    to re twist for 2 days with leave in conditioner coconut oil, shae butter,
    and water after washing to restore my moisture balance and then I am good
    to go…adding moisture only to the ends of the 10 twists. The key people

  5. This video gave me hope. I will be taking down 10 year old, butt-length
    locks in the next few weeks, and I’m scared to death because I have no clue
    what do with my hair to retain length or even style it! Your channel seems
    to provide amazing tips, and now I’m super excited again….but still a
    little scared. Regardless, you have just gained a new subscriber. Blessings
    my natural sister.

  6. do you have any secret for making my hair thicker??
    Also, I’m a 21 year old male, and my hairline is starting to recede….Do
    you know any way to tackle that??


  7. this is really encouraging i am just 5 months natural and i am new at this
    i just interested in your channel to see how to do this whole natural
    thing!! thank you a bunch!!

  8. Hey! After years of putting unnatural stuff in my hair I am ready to give
    up all that stuff to gain healthy and natural hair. I feel like your
    journey is really inspiring so I’m subscribing to your channel right away.
    Do you have links like blogs of youtube channel that you would especially
    recommend that I should check out? Thanks! :)

  9. the thing i struggle with is not having to re-twist or re anything every
    night how do u maintain your styles before your next wash? i dont mind
    doing it but if i dont have to fab LOL also your flat iron is that 340
    degrees farenheit? i’m from the UK so work in centigrade :)

  10. Try african threading to get a heatless blowout there are lots of beautiful
    ladies here on YouTube that have tutorials for african threading

  11. hey, my hair has just fully gone back natural after three years of relaxers
    and two years of reverting. I just would like some tips on moisturizers to
    use for softening my hair and also tips on oils and treatments for growing
    out my hair

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