25 thoughts on “How To: My Natural Hair care Routine”

  1. This video is right on time. Sunday, I took out my crotchet. I bought Shea
    Moisture shampoo and conditioner, for dry and damaged hair and I already
    have their leave in for curls. After using the shampoo, my hair was so
    tangled. It was a job and a half de tangling it. The conditioner was
    alright. Nothing special. Shea Moisture cost to much for that. I’ve been
    looking at Carols Daughter. I think I will try it. Your hair looks
    beautiful. And I can’t believe how straight your hair is using cool on your
    blow dryer. 

  2. 1. You look beautiful!
    2. It is imperative to my life that i know where you bought that blow dryer!
    -Thank you

  3. Nice demonstration. Your hair looks very healthy.

    Does anyone by chance know what hair dryer she is using and the attachment?
    I’m really tired of mine continuously breaking and am willing to invest in
    a good one. 

  4. I’m so happy I saw this video,,cause I thought something was wrong when I
    wash my hair and doesn’t shrink totally and I’m fully natural I guess we
    have the same hair type

  5. I was looking for a blow dryer exactly like that! Lol and i clicked the
    link in the description and i wanted to know did the comb attachment come
    with it or did you buy it separately?

  6. This isn’t natural hair. Her hair is relaxed :-/ I was hoping to see a real
    natural hair video cause of the title. Next time just label it “my natural
    relaxed hair routine” instead.

  7. Just curious…why don’t you wear your natural, its really pretty? Its the
    maintain too much or do you prefer wigs? I’m curious b/c my hair is natural
    and I just don’t know what to do? Sometimes I’m just really over weaves and
    other times I just really over my natural hair too.

  8. Your hair looks very soft and easy to manage, great to see you back hun
    hope you are going to make it a habit. Looking forward to
    #thecrownedcollection wig tutorial xX

  9. Love it. It looks very protected and cared for. I’ll have to try a wig for
    real now. Thanks for sharing. Oh real quick. I’ve been natural for about 3
    years now and I’ve gotten it professionally straightened at a dominican
    shop recently and it is so THIN. Its pretty full in its natural state. I
    think I may have to cut off about 4 inches. I wear protective styles often
    but I think I’ll have to incorporate a good trim about every six months to
    avoid me having to cut so much off. Would you suggest that?

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