25 thoughts on “HOW TO GET LONG HEALTHY HAIR NATURALLY! (updated haircare routine)”

  1. You are so lucky to have beautiful hair. Thank you for the tips, something
    else that has worked for me is my “miracle product”, the Braggs Apple Cidar
    Vinegar, I take a tablespoon with 1 cup water every morning, lunchtime and
    before I go to bed. I have been doing this for more than 6 months, and I
    have noticed a significant change in my hair. It has become more shiner
    and has grown healthier.

  2. so glad I found you! I have really long hair and its super hard to make it
    healthy. I also care about using natural products and most hair videos on
    YouTube recommend really bad chemical heavy products that I just dont dig.
    When you use the apple cider vinegar rinse do you pour it over and leave it
    or do you rinse that out after? Does it make you smell like vinegar?

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  4. My hair is very shiny, long and thick BUT it has NO volume (It’s thick but
    not very fluffy if you know what I mean)! It’s very straight. If I try to
    get my hair wavy or curly in any way it will just be straight again in like
    30 minutes. (I use heat like once every 6 months)

    I want that gorgeous beachy look!

  5. damnnn, that’s a lot of work for just like hair… she mad uptight. it’s
    kind of sad honestly, that she’s willing to spend over what.. like $10 on
    haircare? o__o that’s mad crazy. i like the wooden hair brush thing, but i
    honestly don’t think it would make a difference unless you had like
    non-curly hair lol. her hair is nice, but not much tips were given, since
    again, it’s mostly genetics lol. i wish someone here on youtube had like a
    natural curly hair routine that actually makes sense. everyone either uses
    weird methods or does crazy shit to their hair… but yeah, cute channel
    just too much work lady… even her shower water is filtered… this is
    more of like a dilemma, being natural is one thing but going overboard is
    way too much. either way, nice make-up lol.

  6. I sure wish i could have hair like you. I have been growing it out for
    years. But its so thin. I cant do anything with it really. Im thinking my
    genetics call for a shorter hair style. I wish not.

  7. I love this video! But I got a question.
    I have to wash my hair almost every day, because oderwise it’s very oily.
    But I don’t want that anymore. Can someone help me? I HATE ITTT. ♥

  8. Do you have any tips on hair that has caught on fire? :0 My hair story is
    kind of crazy–
    I used to have straight hair but when i started going through puberty (7th
    grade) it started becoming curly. Then in 8th grade a section of my hair on
    the back of my head caught on fire at my moms’ friends’ dinner party. That
    part of my hair is still damaged but is not as dry, but is still INCREDIBLY
    frizzy. .’ its just the back section of my hair and it makes my hair look
    so much frizzier then it actually is! :/ Any tips?

  9. I have a question… You said you only shampoo your hair for 4 or 6 days
    but I have very curly hair and I can’t do that because I won’t be able to
    brush it and if I put sonething on so I can brush it it’ll look greasy… 

  10. Why did you use flat iron? I mean your hair are kinda straight, maybe very
    slightly wavy, but for me, a girl who have really curly hair, as curly as a
    Caucasian can be, your hair are sooooooo straight… I mean don’t get me
    wrong but I don’t even understand why someone with those kind of hair would
    want to use a flat iron…

  11. This really helped a lot! I will definitely look into the different hair
    oils and products you’ve listed in the video. What I do for Healthy hair: I
    don’t apply heat to my hair much at all ( only when I blow-dry my hair
    which even that I’m going to stop doing) ). I never straighten my hair,
    curl it or anything like that. I wash my hair like once every 1-2 weeks ( I
    switch back and forward between organic shampoo and regular ) I definitely
    think the organic shampoo & conditioners it the way to go. I don’t rlly use
    alot of different oils. I use olive oil sheen spray, Pink sheen spray, and
    occasionally Dr. Miracle’s oil sheen spray. Basically, I just switch up
    between the three. When it comes to hair-styling, My go-to hairstyle is
    just a simple bun. I do wear my hair in French braids also pony tails.
    Pretty much I feel wearing your hair up reduces the chances of it getting
    tangled and just makes it easier to manage. No matter what Hair texture you
    have, your hair will get tangled it you just wear it down 24/7. Overall,
    That’s basically all that I do to maintain my healthy hair. Its easy and
    affordable for everyone 🙂 

  12. I have hair that´s growing Soooooo slowly! So I have been searching for
    good haircare videos for ages…. and i have to say, your video is the BEST
    I have ever seen! It´s awesome! You really only do the best to your hair!
    And I´m gonna try ur methods out! <3

  13. I have no idea how I found this video, but I’m very happy I have! You’re
    really lovely to listen to and you explain things brilliantly! I’m walking
    away from this video with so many ideas and feel so much more knowledgable
    about it all. Thank you.

  14. there are many cheaper sulfate free shampoos you guys can use. She is just
    giving you what she uses.

  15. When I get off the shower , I dry my hair but they look very greasy. I
    tried to let them dry naturally but nothing happens. Help..

  16. Hey quick question :3

    im trying to grow out my hair and i came across this video (love the video
    by the way :3 x) and i found a similair brush at The Body Shop so i thought
    i would try it out 🙂

    However are the wooden brushes good for thin and oily hair? 🙂

    Thanks :3 xx

  17. The baking soda + apple cider vinegar method instead of regular
    shampoo/conditioner gave me dandruff after about six months of use. Never
    again. It’s taking me forever to get my scalp back to normal.

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