23 thoughts on “DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Treatment for Dry Natural Hair”

  1. Great video India ….. i whip coconut oil for my body butter but never
    thought about using the whip in my hair for some reason. Just use the
    actual oil, will be trying xoxo 

  2. Hello India. Could you tell me how long this mixture last. In case I want
    to make some for family and friends, I can let them know.

  3. I’ve been using this on my 4b hair as a sealant, I never knew my hair loved
    coconut oil so much! It’s not as dry anymore! Thanks! :)

  4. I will try this tomorrow. I will pre poo and then workout at the gym. I
    learned that I have hard water so I will do the whole wash day routine at
    the gym where the water is filtered!! Yes! and the sauna is my steam
    treatment (lol)….. Thanks for the recipe. Ohio weather is hard of my
    4zzzzz hair and I am sure this will help.

  5. Relaxed sista going to use it on my hair as well. Because we love those
    products too. Thank you 

  6. mine didn’t fluff up? it just went melty and then it got a little thicker
    and white but not fluffy.

  7. I just tried this and mine turned out so runny! I used jojoba oil instead
    of avacado oil! Could that be why?

  8. I’m actually trying the whipped coconut oil today for the first time and so
    far it’s going pretty good except for the fact that oil keeps running down
    my face and neck lol

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