Transitioning To Natural Hair (Regimen) | How Did You Get Your Hair So Long?

23 thoughts on “Transitioning To Natural Hair (Regimen) | How Did You Get Your Hair So Long?”

  1. Ps ALLLLL things talked about in this video has a full video that you can
    find linked in the description box! List/links to products/tools are all
    there as well so please check it out!! xox

  2. I Agree the exclusion of heat really helps with the transitioning process.
    I transitioned as well and it definitely helps those who want to take time
    to find good basic products for natural hair but still want to keep the
    length for styling

  3. Every 3 weeks is insane? Lol shit I HAD to have heat like 2 times a week…
    This was after I found ulovemegz. Now I only use it 2-3 times a month but
    0-1 is to straighten. It really makes a difference that’s for sure 

  4. This was so helpful! I am transitioning and I am in my 5th month and 8
    months post relaxer. I think that I am in the type 3 hair type. Hopefully I
    will know soon without having to do a big chop! 

  5. I’ve been natural for quite a few years now and I find that the longer my
    hair gets the looser my curls. Is it normal for curls to change with the
    growth of hair? I have what I’d consider 4z hair but now shes getting all
    weird on my help I’m sort of freaking out (not really) but I’d like to
    know/understand what my hair is doing lol. 

  6. This is amazing. I would love to become natural since my hair is half
    natural half relaxed. I just have to be patient. I heard from a few people
    heat can grow hair out, I guess it depends on your hair texture or the
    strength. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  7. Isn’t it a waste to pre poo if you’re using shampoo to wash it out the next
    morning?? I use a cleaning conditioner always so I don’t strip my hair with
    soaps in the first place. I use Wen it’s pricey but it cleans my hair of
    any build up without stripping it. Carols daughter makes one and I think
    the line As I Am does too. I notice almost no breakage and my highlights
    stay vibrant. If you notice how dull blue jeans look after a few washings
    you can see how soap strips our dry hair.

  8. Almost everyday I get askd: But how did you get your hair so long?! So here
    is my long awaited video on the regimen that I used while transitioning to
    natural. Def evolved over time!! Not ideal or perfect but it’s my story!!
    Also included are all the products and methods I used…I’m honestly so
    simple when it comes to products (and cheap lol 😉 ) so I hope there is
    something useful for everyone!!! Love you all!!! Thanks for watching!!

  9. I didn’t transition I big chopped only because at the time big chops were
    all I heard of. your hair is simply gorgeous curly or straight, great

  10. I’ve been natural my entire life but I’ve been flat ironing every two weeks
    for the past 2 years. I’ve had to do it 3 or even 4 times a week. I sweat a
    lot and it looks frizzy. It’s bra strap length. But I wanted to be
    healthier. I’m new to your channel btw. 

  11. My hair use to be almost waist length when I was young 18. After I left
    home received my first relaxer and it has never grown past my shoulder
    since. I have been natural on and off for 15 years. Second time its been
    5 years. I hate my hair curly I like it straight. I trying to learn how
    can i keep my hair straight and grow it. Is there a way? I straighten my
    hair every two weeks. I try to wear a protective style in between. It
    seems the only time my hair grows is in braids which I cut my hair from
    heat damage and split ends and start all over. If finally is back but
    starting to see breakage again. Any help would be great! 🙂 Your hair is
    so beautiful.

  12. Is there a way to kind of coerce the kind of hair texture you’ll have?
    Because I just decided I want to go natural, but I really would prefer my
    hair pattern to be similar to yours. (i’m not really sure what my pattern
    is right now)

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