25 thoughts on “Realistic Expectations for 4C Natural Hair”

  1. “I wash my hair and gooooo. GIRL NO! Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
    hahahaha Thank you! Someone finally said it. 4C hair doesn’t do the wash n
    go. It is hard, and I am still trying to figure out how to swim with
    friends and then keep the fun moving.. it’s hard though:/ I gotta take an
    hour out to get my hair back in order.

  2. Im 4c and I literally wash my hair and go. Its called an afro. Not that
    fake shit these girls do. Crunch, gel, condish… That too much. I wet it,
    pick it, and go.

  3. I never did like the name “wash and go” that is for straight hair people
    like white, asian etc who can literally wash their hair, get out the
    shower, out the door.
    We aint white,asian etc, We got that froooooo power going on, wash, and
    packing on a ton of gel and raking isnt a “wash and go” its a “wash and
    work”. I tried it once, I hated it. washed my hair right after. Felt so
    product heavy ew.

  4. I know I am very late to watch this video… but I can’t say I agree with
    all of her points. Personally, I do not have 4C hair, but I don’t think you
    can tell someone what their hair “can and cannot do”. The natural hair
    movement is supposed to be all about liberation and uplifting one other. So
    why try to discourage someone and make them doubt their own hair? If you
    have 4c hair and want to do a wash and go, more power to you! If it looks
    good do it. There are plenty of videos of women with 4C hair with beautiful
    wash-and-gos. Also, putting down people who do enjoy wash-and-gos saying
    that they are “wanting to get their white girl on” or “being lazy”??? I’m
    lazy because I enjoy my natural texture? I’m wanting to be white because I
    enjoy my natural texture? That doesn’t make sense. And as many other people
    have mentioned wash and gos are very rarely simple so def not a go-to style
    for someone lazy. I just hate how we have used the hair typing thing to
    divide us even further. We are all natural, lets uplift each other instead
    of trying to make comments about someone having 4c hair or trying to make
    comments about someone enjoying a wash and go. That’s all.

  5. She isn’t discouraging SHE IS REALISTIC…REAL…. She is 100% ON POINT!!!!
    If you do not have 100% 4C hair you can NOT do every style, HENCE, the
    reason we have different HAIR TYPES which means we will have different ways
    to manipulate it. 4C hair can not be colored it will fall out. 4C hair
    grows mostly when it is under a protective style(extensions…2 strand
    twists). 4C hair needs LENGTH to be able to even began to wear those 3-4b
    hair types. I’m transitioning and I know for sure that it will be 2 YEARS
    atleast before I will be able to wear my hair out because I have 4E
    hair..LOL..I have 75% shrinkage so I need length to wear it like I want to.
    There isn’t much information on 100% 4C hair. I hate when they lump
    tutorials on 4b/4C 4B is 4B it is not 4C. 4C is just a category all its
    own…It should be 5C. 

  6. Girl you were on point about the wash n goes. Even though many have gone
    natural they still don’t realize they are trying to fit into that European
    standard. Bump that……..I do what’s best for my hair and it works. My
    hair tangles easily and I’d be a fool to try a wash n go. I’m probably one
    of the few who finds washing my hair every 2 days, quite therapeutic and
    intimate. I feel like I need to reconnect to my hair after all those years
    of poisoning it with relaxers.

    Another thing I don’t do is talk about my hair’s classification as this is
    another form of separating ourselves into the good hair vs bad hair. I know
    you are doing this for educational purposes but I’m talking about the ones
    who slap 3c, 4a, 4b all over their signatures on natural hair boards. Many
    naturals tex-lax so they can have that 3c or 4a hair and it’s really sad.

    Anyway, great video!

  7. Probably the best natural hair video I’ve ever seen in my life. Headed to
    follow on Instagram immediately LOL

  8. OMG Yes GRRRLL Yes. Keep on telling it like it is. I thought i was alone in
    the struggle. After i watch some of these videos and try the styles, Im
    usually like, “Yeah ok… aahh wheres my weave”. Now, i’m gonna seek out
    the 4C sistas on youtube and EMBRACE honey, “EMBRACE” 

  9. I laughed so hard. I have 3c, but I watched this because I am just learning
    so much about Black hair in general. It’s funny because my hair is best
    with a “wash and go”, which, still takes me too long in the shower because
    it’s not a shake and dry situation. However, I tried a twist-out, and felt
    a fool…I felt a fool. It was so not good!! I would love finding a video
    about 3c hair just as honest as this one. Great information!!!! Great
    delivery as well. Love your channel! 

  10. I recently chose to go natural and I’m still learning the styles. Wash N go
    isn’t one that works for me and I’m a 4c. It can be difficult to deal with
    but my hair is so healthy and I love every kink and coil .

  11. Isn’t it sad that a black person would again give us labels to define
    ourselves. 4a, 4b, 4c, really. Why? It’s just hair people. 

  12. The closest I got to a wash n go is my hair style in my profile picture
    (and I loved it). The process? I deep conditioned and mud washed my hair
    (making sure it stayed stretched the entire length of the wash), then added
    leave in and let it air dry some. THEN, I moisturized, sealed and buttered
    and geled and placed medium sized sections of hair on flexi rods. After a
    few hours of air drying, I barely dried my hair with my blow dryer rotating
    between low heat and cool as I took the flexi rods out and whala! Now is
    that a wash n go? Umm no, that’s a wash and work all day to look fly (but
    hey that was the best stretch I had in a long time!)

  13. I can actually wash and go and I’m 4c. I found products that work and a
    technique that works alright. I don’t have big Shirley temple ringlets lol
    but my curls do pop a little.

  14. The best advice I have been given during my transition to natural was when
    my homegirl looked at me and said “you better learn to love your face.” I
    have been rocking with that mantra ever since. I am letting my short fro
    do its thing and letting my face take center stage. I am on the lazy side
    with 4b/4c hair (my pic was during transition) so I know that all of that
    manipulating and setting up protective styles is not in me. I am currently
    twisting a few pieces in the front and on the sides before bed at night,
    but mostly I am letting my hair tell me what we are doing each day.

  15. You can color your hair but lightening your hair is not an option if you
    want long hair. If you want to match your hair color or go darker there is
    absolutely no problem, if you know what you’re doing, growing your hair
    long. With all do respect you are misinformed with hair coloring. You
    didn’t have you hair just colored you had color removed as well.

  16. I loved this. lol newly natural and I seriously was expecting my hair to be
    around 3C curls when I first was transitioning. Girl was I WRONG. lol I
    have beautiful tight little z shaped curls. I wore braids for about a year
    to transition and I am now wearing my hair out and I was so confused.
    Watching your videos saved me. Thank you 11

  17. Hillarious thank for making us laugh at ourselves. Embrace the Kink,
    Embrace the Shrinkage!!! LMLYBO Love it

  18. Died laughing watching this video… I have 3 daughters and their hair
    ranges from 4a to 4c… My oldest one is a 4c and i have such difficulty
    with her hair… This video gave me life…. Thanks a bunch

  19. I’ve been Natural for 3 years now and i have 4c hair. This video is the
    only realistic natural hair video ive watched on youtube regarding wash and
    go. It doesn’t do anything to my hair but tangle it. Thanks for being

  20. this is very ignorant. unless you’ve seen every single woman with 4C hair
    do a wash and go and have determined it doesn’t work for them you can’t say
    that. I have 4C hair and i do it all the time and it looks fine. there are
    plenty of you tubers who do the same sooo you may wanna take a look see. i
    get the thing about color, color can always be tricky for any hair but
    don’t sit and tell afro textured girls that they are excluded from certain
    hairstyles. our hair is diverse and it is possible.

  21. Omg, its like looking in a mirror, my hair is exactly like urs, and I would
    do all those other styles and they just didn’t work for me and I always
    wondered why, I kinda made me not want to wear my natural hair and just
    keep getting weaves cuz sometimes I just don’t now what to do.

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