25 thoughts on “Natural Homemade Hair Conditioner”

  1. Hi, I like all your vdo.. Thankyou so much for sharing these remedies…
    my hair are fizzy, it does not get settle down after first day of wash
    until next day(sometime more then that) will this remedies help in
    providing the oil/moisture to my hair to settle well? or do you have some
    other remedy for this? plz share
    I use vatika shampoo( to avoid chemicals) is it a mild shampoo as you
    mention to wash hair with a mild shampoo.?

  2. My friends use this technique of mixing the juice of half a lemon with an
    egg to avoid egg smell. I tried that twice and this egg mixture made my
    hair smooth but caused immense hair loss. Can you help me out here

  3. i saw ur all vedio and i appy all ur remedy and it literally works thanks
    .and plz uploads som more vedios about grow hair lenght and and prevent
    from hair loss

  4. can we use normal oil instead of baby oil(in Remedy -1) whats the
    differences for baby oil and normal oil?

  5. Hello! When you say “mild shampoo” what is a good product to use. I’ve been
    having problems with my hair a lot, dry hair, spit ends and sometimes it
    itches like crazy. I’d seen your home remedy for shampoo I am definitely
    going to use your tips but I would like to know what is a good shampoo to
    use. Thank you so much for everything you are doing for us. xo

  6. Dear — Your Language is Not Understanding so please Translate in Hindi,
    and I am Not Taking the HELP From Other for Translating… so please
    upload this video in hindi only.. regards you good Customer 

  7. I tried remedy two but even after washing my hair twice with the shampoo
    still some banana is left on my hair. Can u please suggest me something to
    remove it.

  8. I use banana pack for my hair on regular basis. I add fresh aloevera and
    curd in place of milk.
    Some tips for banana pack that are to be mentioned are
    1> Use the aged banana. The one that has turned black.
    2> It has to be meshed very fine. I blend it usually.
    3> If any banana is left after wash, then just leave it. You can comb it
    off once the hair is dry.

    With regular use of banana the hair with get so soft that eventually banana
    will get washed off very easily. 

  9. Yes I’ve tried banana conditioner the banana looked like dandruff. I’ll
    just try combing it out see what happens.

  10. Baby oil is normally full of bad ingredients like petrolatum and mineral
    oil which is bad for your body/hair and the environment!

  11. My sister used remedy 2 last night and her hair is looking divine, soft and
    frizz free. Her hair is normally dry brittle straw like
    from over colouring and over styling.
    I am also going to try the banana/milk/almond oil concoction tonight. 

  12. NEVER put “baby oil” aka mineral oil, aka crude oil poison anywhere near
    your hair, skin, body, life..

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