14 thoughts on “Natural Home Remedies for Shiny White Teeth by F3 Health Care(With English Subtitles)”

  1. my teeth are healthy and i haven’t used any toothpaste in months , you can
    also use baking powder for instant cleaning ! :)

  2. I wonder how much Lime Stone Chunna should be consume to make your bonnes
    strong healty .We heard about that it isgood for arthrities.Please let us
    know it is good or not or you can get stone in your bladder.

  3. if we use rock salt and mustard oil method then do we need to brush our
    teeth as well before we go to sleep or that method will be counted a
    brushing? and how long should we keep the stuff in mouth and when should we
    rinse our mouth after applying this mixture plz let me know thanks

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