25 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIRCARE: 5 Steps for healthy, long hair!”

  1. Great video. Finally someone recommends some things that work without
    claiming that “trimming makes hair grow faster”.

  2. I would avoid fish oil, they are really bad for you as they are with the
    rotting fish. Stick with veg options ;)

  3. I heard a lot of people say that using a water filter for your shower so
    that the chemicals in the water (sometimes sulfate/chlorine depending on
    where you live).

  4. This video started the revival of my hair. I went out and bought a wooden
    brush and I oil my hair already, but it always got dry and tangled, With my
    wooden brush it no longer does that. I purchased the salon brand L’oreal
    cuti liss system shampoo and conditioner, use it once a week along with
    their mythic oil and their keratin complex daily with my oiling twice a
    month and my wood brush and my hair has come alive! It’s wonderful! So
    thank you for starting me on this, and helping me find something that

  5. Yeah the wooden brush wouldn’t work for ethnic hair it can’t be brushed dry
    or with that type of bristle it would damage my hair but other than that
    awesome tips 

  6. For those who try coconut oil: if you have acne, make sure you don’t get
    the oil into your face when you use it on your hair. It’s a great, useful
    and reliable oil but it’s likely to clog pores as it is comedogenic. There
    are plenty sites that list comedogenic ratings (e.g. beneficialbotanicals,
    google them for ‘comedogenic ratings’ or something). Other than that it’s
    amazing for hair. For those who dye or bleach their hair, it’s best to
    apply coconot oil prior to the product to protect your hair.

  7. Cool tips 😉 I have a question: how do you wash/clean your wooden brushes?
    I’ve just bought one (following your advice) and wonder how to take care of
    it. I heard wooden brushes do not like water… So a little advice is
    needed 😉 

  8. I love this video! Full of the best info for your hair’s maximum health!
    Most of it comes down to common sense I think.
    I started trying to grow my hair as I want long, gorgeous hair for my
    wedding photos… And I want to be able to say.. ” Its Real!!” … NO
    EXTENSIONS! And, as with most girls, I was a bit silly when I was younger,
    constantly getting it coloured, straightening, to the point it was really
    unmanageable, breaking, really horrible

  9. I am super sensitive to things like coconut oil / cocoa butter / etc even
    in shampoo / conditioners it will make me break out. I like to wash my
    hair first (ACURE – yes cocoa butter…), then everything else to get any
    residue off of my skin / face. I also change my pillowcase nightly. I’ve
    started wrapping my hair at night, but don’t really like doing that. I am
    still breaking out on my hairline, but has helped with breaking out on my
    left jaw / cheek area. The right side is fine sine I am a left side
    sleeper. I need to find a clean alternative for shampoo / conditioner
    without comedogenic ingredients. I too have very long, thick, healthy hair
    (as of now), but am terrified to change since this shampoo / conditioner is
    great for my hair. I am also so tired of breaking out. =( HELP!

  10. Ditch the shampoo and conditioner and use baking soda to wash and vinegar
    to rinse. After a while, you won’t need to wash it anymore, just rub some
    oil into the scalp and rinse with water once a week.
    Spray it with edible aloe vera.

  11. For silica, consume Diatomaceous Earth (food grade, of course). Instead of
    MSM, check out Kala Namak Black Salt. It is high in sulpher. It is way,
    way cheaper than MSM. MSM is a left over from the paper manufacturing
    process. The black salt is naturally mined and whole. 

  12. How do you style your hair? Especially in between washes? I find that when
    I brush my hair , my natural waves/curls come out and it ends up not

  13. question: Do your wooden brushes have those fine bristles or are they
    thick? its hard to tell in the video 

  14. You can keep the heat !! Use ARGAN OIL . Best product iv ever bought. My
    natural biracial hair is down to my belly button , healthy & strong all
    while enjoying my flat iron 

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