24 thoughts on “Natural Hair Regimen – with a NEWBORN”

  1. Congratulations! I remember those days. You are better than me because my
    hair was brastrap length and after the wash process I would pull my hair
    soaking wet into a bun. I wore a bun until sleep was no longer an issue.
    This was way before the internet explosion, YouTube and videos like this.
    My son graduated HS this past Saturday. I like what you have discovered!
    Enjoy your baby! I once thought it was so cliche but they really do grow
    up like lightening.

  2. Love the video!!! Thank you so much for posting. I also want to say I am so
    proud of you for not falling into the temptation of showing your baby on
    social media. Many people do not realize how cruel this world can be and
    you have to protect your family at all costs. I plan to do the same thing
    once I have my baby. I’m three days overdue so please say a little prayer
    for me bc I’m beyond frustrated lol. Congratulations and many many
    blessings to your family! ~Lavena

  3. Hey Mae. So glad you’re back. You’re an inspiration to me. Wishing all the
    blessings to your family, specially to the little one. Much love from

  4. congrats on getting that PHD and also managing to have a baby and get
    married on top of all that. You managed to have it all. Looks like your
    hair is growing out. Will you be cutting again or growing it out? Can’t
    wait for all the new videos to come. 

  5. If your baby isn’t sleep, you could also place him outside the bathroom
    door in a rocker or something and keep the door opened. I used to baby sit
    my niece I used to do that if I had to shower, use the restroom, or do
    something in the kitchen. You can just keep peaking out to make sure
    nothing is going wrong. Even if he is sleep, you can still do that if you
    are not making too much noise.

  6. Congratulations , feeling proud. I think about what all I could have done
    in those years of following you and the things that could have been
    accomplished. May your life be continuously blessed with all the joy and
    happiness life brings you. 

  7. takes me back to when the twins were newborns. so glad those days are over
    (yet missing them at the same time). happy for you, mae!!

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