25 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR | Moisturize and Seal |”

  1. Love your editing… and the video. I need to learn how to use a brush….
    but then again.. would probably break my hair. LOL!

  2. Your hair is so beautiful, what heritage are you? Partially indian? That
    curl pattern looks so soft and bouncy

  3. this is EXACTLY how I moisturize my hair and style it! crazy!! except i use
    different products. yours is longer than mine and absolutely Beautiful!!!

  4. Scurl was my boo thang in my transitioning days, but I couldn’t take the
    scent of it so now I just use aloe juice mixed with water for the same
    effect…then I seal with my whipped shea butter mix. Moisture for days and
    bomb twist outs.

  5. I loved the video. I have been trying to find a good moisturizer I think
    I’ll pick this up..
    O p.s the editing was good, she need to stop

  6. This is going to help me and my daughter’s hair. It is so easy. Your hair
    reminds me of my daughter hair. Thank you.

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