24 thoughts on “natural hair care for toddlers”

  1. She’s so pretty! My daughter is 27 months but her hair is still noticeably
    bald in the back makes me feel I’m doing something wrong I keep it simple
    as well since she’s very strong-willed I try to moisturize/seal at least
    every couple says (very dry curly kinky hair) and wash weekly I wish I
    could get her to wear a bonnet though hey maybe I’ll get one and sneak it
    on while she’s asleep tfs

  2. Your baby girl reminds me of myself as a child. I used to HATE getting my
    hair done. I put my mother through it, lol. Beautiful baby nonetheless. +

  3. I totally understand my daughter is 15 months and she is the same way
    prayerfully she will get over her discomfort and I will be able to do her
    hair without crying and fighting. 

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