18 thoughts on “My Natural Winter Health Care”

  1. I gotta try that traditional medicinals brand! Do you drink your teas
    plain, like without sweetener? I usually sweeted with agave or honey and
    milk! But I’d love to know how you drink yours! I totally agree that
    mental health is just as important!

  2. I am the same way with the Multi Vit. It’s so damn big I hate taking it
    some days I just can’t do it.. lol..I take my VIT C pill everyother day
    because it’s so damn big also. ACV is also the only thing I eat that I
    don’t like, but I know too much not to have it #everydamnday 🙂 I am such
    a tea hoarder.. I totally have restless legs jimmers also!!!! It never
    fails 10pm i got the jimmylegs. HONEY is a miracle. Truely the reason I am
    not really a VEGAN. It does too many good to be bad. I need some of that
    5-HTP!!! I get REAL TIME seasonal Depression. B-12 helps a little along
    with Vit D. I too started to share my story on YOU TUBE Last winter because
    I had just moved here that summer and thought I need to take my mind off of
    all the stress of building a business and make it fun. It really kept me
    out of my Winter blues. This year I have a HOT ROOM to go to when those
    funky vibes come my way. I’m an Island girl and just the coldness can put
    me in a funk. NOW This island girl has both worlds.:) I’m sure my stuido
    will help others with the winter funk. 🙂 loved this share!!

  3. Annd…my husband just said the way you treat seasonal depression is…by
    drinking lots of alcohol! Muhahahaha!…it was a joke btw…

  4. I used 5htp for a long time from a young age but then I got diagnosed with
    severe depression/anxiety (long story short I’ve been through some shit
    haha) and it kills me that there’s nothing holistic I can take for it. I
    hate that I am on a ssri but I still take 5htp when I’m extra sad like when
    my husband is deployed and such. I’m so happy it worked for you!! And I’m
    one of those vegans that fux with honey man. I loves it. Love you so much.
    You’ve helped me more than you know!

  5. I have moderate to severe depression and anxiety, and red maca powder works
    wonders for me. It also boosts my energy, and I am typically a lazy ass!
    Gypsy Cold Care tea rocks, too. I just hate how long you have to steep it.

  6. I have a friend with seasonal depression. I’ll have to mention the 5htp to
    her. I take that natural vitality magnesium every day! It helps my anxiety
    and palpitations 🙂 Thanks for sharing these ideas! Look forward to
    watching the food one :)

  7. Thanks for all this info, babe! I recently started watching you and I
    really enjoy your videos bc you’re sweet and it just puts me in a happy
    mood to see you!!!! 

  8. Thank you for posting this video I really enjoyed it, I will look into
    getting some of these products you mentioned. I have had depression off and
    on for a few years- I used to be on traditional medication for it but
    decided I wanted something more natural. I started taking St.Johns Wort and
    it has really been great for my depression(I have mild).
    I can’t wait to see the other videos like this one.

    Have a great day


  9. I also take 5HTP for stress relieving reasons. They same SAM-e is also good
    for depression! It is more expensive, but I believe it to be more
    effective. and I love Traditional Medicinals, I believe I sent you a
    lavender chamomile one, no? :)

  10. 5 HTP is a precursor to triptophan which is a precursor to seratonin wich
    is a precursor to melatonin => you boost your mood then get sleepy calm

  11. I’m glad that your husband is better! I had the flu not too long ago, and
    it was absolutely horrible! 🙁 xo

  12. I had no idea peppermint helped with upset tummy! Good to know!

    I don’t have a natural “lifestyle , but I would like to change that.
    What tips might you have for someone trying to change into a more natural

  13. I take zinc to help my skin, and fish oil every month with an r in it
    (september-april). Fish oil really helps me with the seasonal depression
    because of the vitamin D. I live in Norway, so we have hardly any sun the
    winter months, so I need al the vitamin D I can get. I think everyone in
    norwegian grown up with fish oil and take it every month with an r in it..

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