23 thoughts on “My Natural Haircare Secrets for Healthy Hair!”

  1. Thanks for all your support! I love you all and hope you enjoy the video 🙂
    Fruity hugs!!!!

  2. I like the video but you could turn down the volume of background music a
    little bit so I can hear your voice better.

  3. what I really want I can never get! So, I’ll settle for selfies of you!
    Take some selfies please? Mexican queen!

  4. Love these natural tips! But where on earth did you get that avocado? It’s
    tiny!! :D

  5. This is my first time watching your channel. Wierd cos u got a big page!
    Your channel name makes me think you’re bilingual? Where are you from? :)

  6. aubrey organics is not a vegan company though.. they use milk on some of
    their shampoos.
    accureorganics is a better option.

  7. great tips. since i started a wonderful diet, i dont feel the need to
    shampoo my hair. the body gets clean!
    great tip.

  8. Do you cut your hair? Or do you let it grow naturally? Do you get split
    ends? Can I ‘cure’ my split ends by treating it naturally so I don’t have
    to cut it every 3 months? Thanks for the great video :)

  9. theres a bottle of argan oil in my local organic store and it costs 38
    euros.. XD it must be soo good for you but holy freak so expensive lol

  10. WARNING ABOUT USING COCONUT OIL: Coconut oil does not work for everyone.
    Within the first few weeks of using coconut oil my hair seemed to be dryer
    than normal and for the first time in my life it was extremely hard to
    detangle. Because of the positive reviews and the way it felt while in my
    hair, I dismissed the idea that the oil was the cause.

    After a month or so of using the oil periodically I let the oil sit on my
    hair for two hours and then washed my hair like I normally do. After
    rinsing, my waist length hair was literally in a huge knot above my
    shoulders. It took a whole bottle of olive oil, the rat tail end of a comb
    and almost four hours to slowly untangle the huge knot. In the process I
    lost almost a 1/4- 1/3 of my hair. I hope this helps somone else from
    making the same mistake I did. Trying coconut oil shouldn’t be a problem,
    but you should immediately stop using it if you start to notice your hair
    becoming even the tiniest bit harder to detangle. It turns out a lot of
    people have had the same bad experience I did.

    Side note: The coconut oil was the only product that changed in my hair
    routine. I had been using the same shampoo and conditioner for over 3
    years. No other products had been added or removed from my hair routine. My
    hair was also very healthy before the coconut oil.

  11. you dont even need shampoo and conditioner. Ive been using baking soda for
    shampoo and vinegar for conditioner for almost a year, and my hair is
    healthier than ever and I hardly need to wash it anymore, it looks clean
    and shiny and healthy.

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