25 thoughts on “MY 9 SECRETS TO BEAUTIFUL & HEALTHY BREASTS (Natural Breast Care)”

  1. Hey Adina I really love your articles they help me a whole lot with my Sex
    life….I’m so Happy I found you…Thanks alot

  2. Great understanding ; I feel we need to spread love and peace between men
    and women by understanding we are equal in our humanity and natural
    creation as gift of God .
    To the peace and love between all the women and men in peace…!

  3. the way you explain is so nice…it sounds like my sister is explaining
    me…thanks for the video…

  4. Adina Rivers!!! You are an incredible woman. Screw those people that said
    your breast are saggy and not beautiful. I’m a 19 year old male in the US.
    I find you to be naturally beautiful and happy with yourself. That’s all
    that matters. I’m disgusted with all these mainstream views on women and
    how they should look. Big fake boobs, big ass, perfect face/body. Woman
    (and men) have imperfections. So what. Those imperfections make them who
    they are. I always think back to caveman days and what they did. They were
    with each other to survive and procreate. They didn’t give two shits if
    someone was imperfect. Anyways what is perfect. It’s all just stupid. Also
    your male videos are very encouraging to forget mainstream views about
    men’s size. I mean I’m average and I accept that. You made me gain
    confidence with that video. Thank you very much. Your a wonderful, unique,
    beautiful woman. Ps Your man is lucky by the way. It’s hard to find a woman
    who isn’t obsessed with society’s views and trying to be perfect. :)

  5. at part about Using a all natural or no deodorant (Mainly the no aluminum
    part), Got my attention…
    After finding out that it has been linked to Dementia and Alzheimer’s i
    stopped using them. And no ladies i don’t stink, i do that thing where you
    shower using soap to clean yourself… It always bothers me when i can
    smell a woman the moment she walks through the door… I would rather smell
    the scent of a woman than all those chemicals! And in case you don’t know
    already (some pretty savvy people here) processed sugars go directly into
    your bloodstream as insulin! Not good…
    Keep up with the info videos and i’ll keep watching…

    Semper Fidelis (i’m old school) and,



  6. You are gorgeous <33
    I've been watching your videos for an hour now ;3
    What is your zodiac sign??

  7. Love your Videos! Your energy is amazing!! Can you make a video about self
    confidence? (Eye contact, self image) and how you reached to be confident?
    Would be awesome :):)

  8. Please use the word “vagina” instead of “pussy”. The latter is a little
    vulgar. Just my opinion

  9. i became a fan of you in an instant. do you have specific tips to make your
    breast smaller and perkier? my size is 36DD and starting to sag.. 

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