24 thoughts on “Length Retention| My Natural Hair Secret”

  1. i use to do this on my hair to get rid of the dead ends, i am going to
    start back doing it again , great video your hair looks great 

  2. I’ve started doing this since January, and it works! I picked up this tip
    from vera747. But I don’t care about length, so I cut about half an inch to
    an inch. In January I even cut 1.5 because my hair was a mess, but it
    seems as though my hair had grown back when I trimmed it again at the
    beginning of April. Now I am going to stick to every 2 months.

  3. Beautiful hair!! You are my hair twin!!! Trimming and dusting is very
    important for continued growth! Great video!!! xoxo 

  4. Your hair looks so pretty! Love it! In August it will be 1 year since my
    low fade cut. I don’t want to cut it during my first year of growing my
    natural hair. After that point I will start doing this. Thanks for sharing

  5. You’re so beautiful! Thank you! I, too, subbed, and will begin dusting,
    probably every three months as well!

  6. You’ll never know how useful this is as I suspect that my hair needs some
    regular trimming (never heard the term dusting before, LOL!) And I’ve also
    recently seen your video on banding which was also so very helpful to me.

    I love you videos – you’ve got a new subscriber in me <3

  7. Okay so last year for about half of the year I kept my hair braids and only
    grew three inches of hair. I feel like trimming wouldn’t benefit me if I
    only can grow about 3 inches of hair per year. I eat only lean meat and
    veggies. What am I doing wrong? 

  8. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people. I trim mine every two months.
    But insha Allah once I get rid of all this relaxed hair I’ll be able to do
    it less often.

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