11 thoughts on “IRIDOLOGY: Iris Diagnosis by Dr. Aaron Chadwick, Florida Natural Healthcare Center”

  1. Ok but how would the eye be able to show conditions of the heart or
    kidneys?…Where’s the connection?

  2. As a 35 yr. experienced Iridologist, I and can briefly respond. I’ve. There
    are various iris indicators associated with heart, kidney, and circulatory
    system; too involved to explain here. Recently, I discovered my close
    friend had severe arterial blockage indicators in his iris and suggested he
    see his physician immediately. To his surprise, they found he had 95
    percent arterial blockcage; was admitted into hospital. Could have had a
    heart attack any time. He received five stents; life saved.

  3. I marvel at the master creation of the human body. OnlyGod Almighty could
    design so uniquely, baffles the human mind. His ways are past finding out.

  4. Iridology is proven to be inaccurate, inconsistent and subjective. The
    chances of diagnosis are statistically no better than guessing. It is a
    disservice to patients to pretend that paying for such services is useful.
    This is not remotely evidence based.

    If you do get a true diagnosis from Iridology it is mere coincidence and

  5. My eyes are very specked yet my health is decent. What now? Sell me some
    herbs, supplements or how about an expensive examination by a
    sandal-wearing man with a ponytail and an e-certificate. According to this
    chart I should be dead.

  6. stomach weakness can be seen in the eye. Wow! And David Copperfield really
    made a lear jet vanish.

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