25 thoughts on “INTENSE Homemade Conditioner for 4c Natural Hair | DIY”

  1. Dephne! Love your channel! I have a burning question for you. How can I
    protect my edges whilst wearing a crochet wig or wigs in general? I need to
    protective style but my edges are getting worse and I cant do braids as my
    hair is weak. What do I do!?

  2. You read my mind! I’ve ignored the fact that I have severe heat damage on
    top of my extremely dry 4c hair. I’m currently transitioning from relaxed
    to natural so this Homemade, NATURAL 🙂 conditioner will be absolutely
    perfect for my regimen. Thanks for sharing!

    Please do let us know about your water only wash.

  3. Before you even said it, I sensed that you were now on a water only hair
    wash regimen. I myself do it as well so, I guess that’s why I knew. I’ve
    used banana, avocado, and egg in my hair before with disastrous results.
    Each one got stuck in my kinky hair. But after watching your video I may
    try it again since you only used the egg yolk (I used the whole egg which
    led to fried egg in my hair, lol) and you used a good blender (I just
    mashed with a folk). Your version looks nice and creamy, thanks!

  4. Phew! that is something! So what is the benefit on the hair? As I watched
    you make it, I was more interested in eating it than putting it on my hair,
    lol weird.

  5. Congrats on the water only hair washing method. It’s the best method for
    my 4C hair. I also use the ingredients your video listed as a protein
    smoothie for my hair, although I use either the avocado or the banana; I
    have not tried them both. Also I use olive oil because my hair does not
    like coconut oil.
    This protein smoothie strengthens my hair and adds shine without
    interfering with my sebum production. 

  6. I’m not surprised by the water only washing (W.O.W.). I’ve been on it for
    some months now, lol. Hope you experience all the benefits. Thanks for
    sharing that recipe.

  7. I have to try this on my daughters hair. Her hair can get very dry at times
    and I have all these ingredients at home already. Thanks for sharing. God
    bless! 🙂

  8. How’s the slip? I find I need to use a store bought conditioner for my
    finger de tangling as the diy recipes either dry too quickly in my hair or
    don’t have enough slip

  9. I’d love to see you try this on your hair. And I’d love to see how it
    leaves your hair. Are you doing a tutorial on the treatment as well?

  10. I do this weekly! But I use avocado (occasional banana), honey, olive oil
    and hello hydration. and before I use shampoo I clean my scalp and hair
    with vinegar 🙂 It makes my curls pop and I have no breakage or unnatural
    shedding and my hair is VERY moisturized. I just wish it would last me two
    weeks :(

  11. Just out of curiosity how did you come up with this conditioner? How do you
    know which ingredients to choose?

  12. I have this homemade conditioner in my hair now. I didn’t have coconut oil
    on hand, I used grapeseed oil instead. I don’t have a lot of hair since I
    did a second big chop back in October, so I had a lot of this conditioner
    left over. I hate to waste, can this keep in the fridge for about a week?
    I would use the rest on my teenage daughter, but she currently has a sew

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