How to | Moisturize & Seal Dry Natural Hair, Natural Hair Treatment & Dry Natural Hair Help!

25 thoughts on “How to | Moisturize & Seal Dry Natural Hair, Natural Hair Treatment & Dry Natural Hair Help!”

  1. Hi love your vid can u tell us where to get th cocoa oil or do u make it
    yourself? and You used whipped shea in your hair? Where can i get that!

  2. I was wondering if you have a video on the thicker shunky twists that you
    say you can do because your texture looks close to mine and I’d like to
    have that done for my winter style

  3. Great video! Can you link the video for your shea butter mix with the aloe
    vera gel added? Thanks in advance

  4. Great video !!!
    Have you tried argan oil? It works great for all types of hair. And the
    best of all, it’s natural so you don’t need to put chemicals on your hair
    or skin.

  5. Basically moisturizing your hair and then putting a plastic bag or cap to
    make the moisture penetrate into the hair shaft therefore getting its name
    “baggy method “

  6. I wanted to say thank you for the video. My family has passed down much
    more hair care than hair styling. There was a ritual in our family to clip
    ends on full moon, brush hair 100 times upward when it is loose, sleep with
    silk scarf everynight. We used eggs and mayo to condition and oils heated
    slightly too. It is so many rituals for hair care and I appreciate your
    video, I can tell you are dedicated to the cause. Please keep me updated.

  7. Great info..Thank you…Just what I needed!! Ends are super dry right
    now…Going to take care of it!! :))

  8. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I am too lazy to keep up my
    natural hair; as sad as that sounds it is the truth. I have no intentions
    of relaxing again, but I guess I will have a short fro forever lol

  9. I used Queen Helene also until recently I noticed that the 2nd or 3rd
    ingredient is Mineral Oil !!!
    Love the product but have heard so much negative things about the M.O.
    Still torn :-((

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  11. I started watching this video, becuase I really,really need a super
    moisturizer for my hair and as it began, I thought, “Hey, I know her, and I
    know that voice.” IVP Love the hair. Nice video.

  12. Love your hair and videos. Just ordered the books. I went from 9 years of
    dreadlocks to the big chop on 6/09/14. Loving my little hair.

  13. Hey I have the same hair texture but I haven’t been able to figure out what
    pattern it falls in (i thought maybe 3c/4a) what do you say your hair
    pattern is?

  14. Oh my god you look like the most sweetest person ever! I just wanna hug
    you! Love you lots<3 thanks for the tips!

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