24 thoughts on “How I fixed my dry damaged hair!! Silicone Free Haircare Routine”

  1. These are beauty questions that really should be addressed next to the
    beauty “fun” stuff. Haircare, skincare, UVA/B protection should be take
    seriously and it is great some youtubers speak up for a healthy beauty
    Great video julia, i really enjoyed it!!!

  2. Vinegar works really well as a conditioner, if you want the slippery feel
    back. A few capfulls in a cup of water as your last rinse. I did this for a
    couple of months earlier this year while I was living and working in
    Nicaragua, because the water there was really hard and made my hair gunky
    and gross. Worked wonders for clearing out the buildup, and also make my
    hair super soft and nice, without all the stuff you’re trying to avoid.

  3. My dear julia could you do an updated skincare routine.that would be
    awesome!! I think that a lot of things in your skincare might changed so we
    could see what has changed :** love you sooo much 

  4. I think ill stop dying my hair and start growing the colour out too 🙂 OH
    and I always hated sulfate free shampoos until I tried Lush’s Blousey. Once
    my scalp got used to “sulfate-free” routine from Blousey, I was able to use
    any other sulfate free shampoos!! love it

  5. Any suggestions for someone who’s going gray early? I dye my hair OFTEN
    because honestly, it’s not the gray that bothers me most, it’s that it
    looks like my hair is falling out! Thanks!

  6. My hair is literally my beauty but my hair is in its worse condition since
    six years ago .

    I suffer from hair falling specially in front ,dandruff, itchiness, bold
    spots ,dryness ,and it’s very curly that I had to straighten it every time
    I washed it

    I wished to shave it every time I comb it for real 

  7. I have been using natural shampoo bars (like the JR Ligget’s ones, though
    there are lots out there) on my hair for the past few months, and I have
    seen such a difference. Most shampoo bars are super cheap too, so it’s not
    a huge loss if you don’t like them! But they are made using natural oils,
    and actually give a really nice lather, despite being sulfate-free. A lot
    of the time I don’t even need to use a conditioner, but if I do then I do a
    vinegar rinse. So if you’re looking for an all-natural route, this is a
    cheap one to try!

  8. I’ve have a pixie cut for years, so I don’t have to care about it much, it
    stays healthy! But it actually makes sense that silicone products can be
    the culprit behind how greasy it feels…I wash it almost everyday because
    I can’t hide the greasy roots with such short hair. But maybe silicone
    build-up is causing that! I’ll try going silicone free, so I don’t have to
    wash it all the time, I know is not ideal to do that. Thanks Julia 🙂 

  9. Love that you went over everything and didn’t just say ‘this product is
    amazing and the SOLE REASON my hair is amazing’ lol it’s definitely about
    the bigger picture 🙂
    I’m in that period of being on the fence about colouring. Getting root
    touch ups is SUCH a hassle. But I actually don’t like my natural hair
    colour and love the colour I dye it :/

  10. I have really dry hair and I used to use hair oils, can you use a natural
    oil to substitute this silicony product, like a natural coconut oil? I
    think my hair really needs it but I don’t know if this is damaging. X

  11. At first i thought you were being a little overthinking all this, i have
    superthin hair sleek hair, never any friz or whatever but i just went and
    checked and my regular shampoo ( for psoriasis too) is a cleansing shampoo
    with no silicone, the only thing i sometimes use is a hairmask with
    silicone, but my shampoo will get rid of that the next wash round haha 🙂
    so cant say on my personal situation but i never liked products with loadsa
    crap in them anyway ;)

  12. For anyone looking to take hair back to a natural colour, try colour oops.
    It shrinks the dye molecules and your synthetic colour will just wash out.
    You’ll be left with your virgin hair, unless you lightened your hair prior
    to dying, any bleached hair will be left bleached after the colour oops is
    used. TLDD; colour oops will remove any darker colour from hair, but can’t
    repair bleach damage.

  13. I’m currently growing my hair out again, so I am avoiding using heat & I’m
    definitely not dying my hair anytime soon. I’ve started using L’Oreal’s
    Everstrong Sulfate/Paraben free shampoo & conditioner. & then I towel dry
    my hair and use “Its a 10” leave in conditioner with keratin & BioSilk silk
    therapy. I’m telling you girl my hair has never felt better, it has so much
    more movement and its not dry or frizzy like it to used to be. This has
    seriously saved my hair!

  14. Are those your natural nails or are they artificial? I love them so if they
    are natural, can you do a video on how you make your nails grow healthy
    looking? Thanks so much!!!!

  15. I very rarely comment on YouTube videos (I usually just leave a thumbs up
    if I liked it), but this one deserves an extra mile. You really addressed a
    problem I am currently struggling with and I am taking loads of notes. I
    don’t want to have just that “nice feel” in my hair anymore, I want them to
    be healthier! Thanks for the tips Julia and the time you take researching
    those things. I know you do it for yourself, but it’s really nice of you to
    share what you learn with others! :)

  16. Very useful video, thank you. I bought Alverde shampoo today actually 🙂 as
    a replacement for my 20euro Kerastase shampoo…

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