25 thoughts on “Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair | Niomi Smart”

  1. Oh and I forgot to mention I got new lights! How are we feeling about them?
    Kind of looks like I’m wearing weird contacts!

  2. i have short hair, naturally curly as in like afro hair and i straighten it
    every day but my shampoo and conditioner is actually the reason that keeps
    it healthy, tresemmé keratin smooth is the name and the same for my heat
    protectant, its amazing! and i also get my hair cut everyone 6-7 weeks to
    keep it healthy also! love your videos niomi and amazing tips!x

  3. I put coconut oil in my hair occasionally and it helps soooo much! It feels
    amazing and helps it look amazing as well! Loved this video a lot Niomi!

  4. I find when I condition the roots of my hair they tend to be really greasy
    and my fringe looks like I haven’t washed it in weeks. So I tend to just
    condition the ends. Do you know any good conditioners that won’t make my
    roots go greasy? Ily?

  5. I wanna wash my hair every four days as well.. or at least get out of my
    cycle of washing it every second day 🙁 But I do a lot of sports and when
    I’m so sweaty I don’t want my hair to be so disgusting :/ Any tips?

  6. So no matter how much I condition the ends of my hair, it always looks so
    much frizzier and bushier (for lack of a better word) compared to the top
    of my hair; it’s the case even when I don’t have any split ends. Any tips
    on how to prevent this??

  7. I swear you’ll be one of the biggest sort of ‘Health and Beauty’ channels
    on YouTube by the end of this year. You put so much effort into your videos

  8. Coconut oil is amazing for hair, it’s so silky and smooth! And, of course
    eating healthy food always helps! And, your skin is gorgeous even without
    makeup :)

  9. Just a tip with conditioner. It’s best to put it at the ends of your hair
    only, not the top of your head if you get quite greasy hair. You don’t need
    conditioner at the top of your head because that isn’t where knots usually
    form. By putting it just at the bottom and brushing your hair n the shower,
    dealng with knots should be fine. But also by putting conditioner at the
    top of your head your adding all these oils. Your hair will then create
    it’s natural oils, and that + the conditioner will make your hair really
    greasy and will way it down. Hope this helps some people!

  10. Your hair always looks so stunning, so these little insights are much
    anticipated 😉 And totally agree that washed hair days are the worst!! ♡

    Woohoo for repp’n coconut oil! ♡♡♡

  11. since watching this video it has saved my life, I have since done what u
    said with the cold water and it has completely changed my hair so much, not
    as much frizziness! thank you ???

  12. I use shampoo bars from lush. I find the one I’m using now makes my hair
    smell good and feel healthy and strong :-)

  13. I’ve been using coconut oil from the day I was born (well my mum used to
    put it on me)…but I only leave it on for about 4-6 hours and then wash it
    out because I find it quite hard to wash out if I leave it overnight:)but
    coconut oil definitely works wonders 

  14. I know it’s just an advice video with tips that work for her and that she
    shares, but the bit where she says that if you wait 3-4 days before washing
    your hair, it will get used to it and “honestly once you do that you can
    tell the difference” made me cringe so much –‘ like put nuances in your
    words : speak for yourself, don’t make it an absolute generality… It’s
    not because I’m “not lazy” that I wash my hair every two days, it’s because
    it’s in that amount of time that they become too greasy ! Really !! (I’ve
    tried before !)

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