25 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Deep Conditioner for Protein Sensitive Natural Hair – Coconut Milk”

  1. My NEW favorite homemade DIY deep conditioner!! Shout-outs to all the
    protein-sensitive ladies! *what-what* New Upload! #NaturalHair <3 DIY
    Homemade Deep Conditioner for Protein Sensitive Natural Hair XoXo!! <3 

  2. Hey Guys!! You’ll know you’re protein sensitive if your hair feels dry,
    brittle, or is broken after applying a protein-rich product or deep
    conditioner! For example, my DIY Mayo and Greek Yogurt DCs are SUPER
    protein-rich. My hair likes that and feels stronger and healthier after
    application. Someone with a protein sensitivity is going to feel the
    opposite: lots of damage, dull strands, straw-like texture, etc… If you
    haven’t experienced this already and you’ve used a protein-rich product,
    it’s likely you don’t have a protein sensitivity! XoXo! <3 

  3. Mine came out really watery, couldn’t find coconut milk as thick. Still
    used it though. Waiting to see the results in the AM! Lol.

  4. Hey so I have natural straight very long hair it’s very thick kinda like
    yours thick anyways it’s hard for me to find the right conditioner because
    I feel my hair dry any recondition on conditioner anyways I hope This works
    on my hair please no rude comments 🙂 

  5. Hey this is a great DIY! Although it took me a couple of tries. It was
    really watery . Then I realize I had to refrigerate the coconut milk to get
    a thicker consistency 

  6. Hey I have a question . I have mixed hair and it’s been through alot.I
    bleached it,colored it , cut it ,bleached it , keratin treatment, dyed it
    black,cut it ,sew in,relaxer immediatly after a sew in .All of this in less
    than 3 months and now Its short and damaged and breking and thining scalp.
    I started taking very good care but It is soo horribly weak i m scared it
    can can break off just when I tie it in a low ponytail.Anyway I was advised
    to do crochet braided hairstyle to get my head to look decent .Do u think
    it will allow my hair to grow and wont irritate my scalp ? also how much
    stress will it cause on my hair because even though I m takign care of it ,
    the cornrows might be a bad idea , or not ?

  7. I seriously tweaked this recipe using treseme naturals conditioner as a
    base, half of an avocado (I am allergic to bananas) half a can of low fat
    coconut milk (bought at the 99cent store), honey, grapeseed and rosemary
    oil. Let me tell you, my hair hasn’t felt so soft and shiny in ages. Thank
    goodness for Whitney +Naptural85 for coming up with this recipe because it
    works some insane magic in the hair of this protein sensitive natural.
    Would have never thought to try this recipe or tweak it if not for ms

  8. Hey girl hey! So I have a burning question since I’m still finding out
    about everything. Haha Are protein treatments and deep conditioners the
    same or can act as the same? Or completely different? 

  9. This recipe worked very well for my protein sensitive hair except I had to
    also tweak it a bit. I used 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon honey,
    1 teaspoon coconut milk (the rest I used for cooking 🙂 ), 1 tablespoon
    avocado oil, 1 tablespoon grape seed oil, 1 teaspoon jamaican black castor
    oil. I put it in the fridge for a few minutes so it can be more solid. I
    then put in in my hair, used a handheld/travel hair steamer for 5 minutes
    (which you use to steam clothes) then covered my hair with a shower cap for
    another 25 minutes.

  10. I absolutely love your videos! They saved me from going back to a relaxer!
    I was so defeated and tired of trying to manage my hair as it got longer. I
    have been natural a year now and I would like to thank you so much for your
    helpful videos!

  11. Hi! Could someone tell me exactly what protein sensitivity looks/feels
    like? I want to make sure Im taking care of my hair but I dont really know
    what this means! Thanks :)

  12. i love using banana in my hair but one time i actually forgot to strain it
    and ughh i got banana all over my hair :(. my hair felt really soft and
    defined but it took days until it was all out lol

  13. hello i want know u rince or stay the hair care sorry im french i don’t
    undestand all u say 

  14. Hi Whitney! How will my hair react to unwanted protein? How can I tell
    if my hair dislikes protein? Your hair looks great all the time!

  15. What do you rinse it out before you put the conditioner on or just put it
    over the mixture and wash it all out at once

  16. +Naptural85 I’ve been soooo anxious to try this recipe but i can’t seem to
    find Aloe Vera Juice ANYWHERE… Is there a substitute i can use OR

  17. Do you rinse the deep conditioner out and immediately add cold aloe vera
    and oil to your hair and twist it up or do you rinse out the deep
    conditioner, then apply the tea tree tingle conditioner, then rinse that
    out and add aloe vera and oil to your hair?

  18. Tried this and I absolute LOVED this and it made my extreme 4C hair very
    soft and manageable. A must try!!!

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