11 thoughts on “Caring for Natural Hair! Got Split Ends?????”

  1. A quick video tutorial on how I care for my natural hair. I will also show
    you what split ends look like on my hair and how I remedy them.

  2. Beautiful I am hey young here and trying to transition to natural hair so I
    put my hair in braids because my natural hair starting to grow under my
    relaxed hair so I’m ready to do the big chop and hopefully my natural hair
    is split do I shave my hair :O

  3. U have gorgeous hair and so blessed to be able to cut it and it grows back
    in no time, I follow your other channel and your diet is definitely one im
    following in my quest for health and especially hair growth. 

  4. That Purification Masque is the truth! Too bad Shea Moisture has
    discontinued it. They changed the formula, so buy up all you can.

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