19 thoughts on “3 Tips To Moisturize Natural Hair During Fall/Winter | MissT1806”

  1. Great to see you Tina, I love your glow! These are great tips! So, coconut
    oil tends to dry my hair in braid outs/twistouts, but like you, I love it
    for pre-poos. It leaves my hair strong, frizz-free and shiny. I also find
    that it works better when my hair is wet often as in wash and go styles.
    Some other things I do to combat dry hair in Winter is a combination of
    products and method. I use the WCC method of washing then conditioning
    twice, first with a moisturizing deep conditioner, second with a rinse out
    conditioner. This yields super conditioned hair, better than deep
    conditioning alone. As far as products, I use my deep conditioner or
    regular conditioners as leave-ins, ensuring none of the ingredients are
    drying or protein. I also use thicker, creamier stylers. Finally, I don’t
    use a lot of oil in my hair, but this Fall I have started adding Natures
    Gate vitamin e oil (has grape seed and safflower) to my leave-in with great
    results. My low porosity hair soaks it right up and retains better moisture
    + sheen. My hope is that it will work too this Winter.

  2. Tee! I can imagine hubby waking up because your plastic baggy is waking him
    up lol

    Great tips. I keep my hair on point by simply keeping it saturated with
    butters. I don’t mind the weigh down since it’s in PS most of the winter

    CurlyProverbz shares a henna tea spritz she says helps kept the hair
    strong. You mix it with Amla and shikakai. Waiting on my herbs to arrive :)

  3. Great tips but can u preepoo if u co.wash to cuz I dnt alway wash my hair
    every 2 or 3 wks I shampoo I co.wash more

  4. Great tips for maintaining moisture! Thank you very much. This should help
    my natural coils survive yet another Swedish winter ⛄️

  5. Hi Tee, I live in a dry cold town….I’m starting to grow my hair
    naturally, now is the coconut oil will make my hair stronger and to grow
    longer……because I am really frustrated with my hair.

  6. I’ll be moving to New York in 4 months after my wedding! so your tips I
    think will definitely help me! 

  7. Thanks for sharing but I guess u dont catch a head cold from spritzing yo
    hair in the winter a.m. after leaving the house. Im scared to do that. If
    that works for u then great.

  8. I love your hair I keep watching your video over and over. I try so meny
    time to go natural but never last I ended up creaming it 

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