check out this YouTube video from lovelyanneka

  2. I’m cutting mine but I’m scared to go through with it… but I know it’s
    for the best 

  3. I cut my hair today and I literally feel the same way that she felt when
    she cut hers. I miss my hair now

  4. I dont understand how pwople are scared to have natural hair. Its really
    sad. I love my natural hair spongy soft sometimes a litfle dry at other
    time but it is real and its. Me. Wearing wigs extn weave is no big deal but
    should be real proud wearing our own her. Considering we can do a lot with.
    Only peoblem sometimes it can be hifh maintenance and time consuming. Love
    your beautiful natural her ladies.x

  5. Not gay, but your lips are so big and luscious and gorrrgeous. Naturals (of
    which I am as well) look amazing with huge curly fros and full beautiful

  6. Get hair tonic that helps your hair grow faster, i use argan rain argan
    oil…It works quick and easy way

  7. Hi I love your hair I just recently cut my hair and now looking for tips on
    how to grow it into a beautiful curly fro I was wondering is the shea
    butter mix something I can buy in a store or is it home made

  8. love your hair is Beauiful your hair Looks like my i am natural will be
    2years comeing up December 2014 i also love love love the hair color thats
    one of my stable hair products been useing it for years mysele even when i
    was Relax hair so i understand your Natural i have a story of my on keep up
    your natural hair.

  9. v05 is soo bettter when you add castor oil. I think I am going to do a mix
    soon when I take out my braids.I did big chop number two in april. I wanted
    the feeling of starting over plus my hair was bad.

  10. Watching your videos have been so inspiring to me, Im here with a pen and
    pad taking so much notes…I love your fro, hopefully one day mine will be
    as big and luscious as yours.

  11. You’re such a beauty Goddess. Thank you for sharing your journey. So, I
    recently done the BC (2 days ago) and I want to color my hair Natural
    Black. I saw that you color treated your hair after theBC as well… Did
    this altar your natural curl pattern or texture in any way after color? 

  12. i applaud you for rocking your big chop because people hang on to damaged
    hair just for length and its quite annoying lol. im natrual to but i never
    had relaxed hair just a load of heat damage so i had to do more of a trim
    rather than a big chop but your hair is beautiful!!

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